solution to Qlogic bios frozen on HS22 blade

at first it seemed that i have got a qlogic 2xxx series fchba to replace in a HS22 blade…

symptoms: the card does not load its bios on startup. got frozen at the bios loading, and the full system hangs on there for hours if u let it. u can not even enter to FASTUTIL! if u disable card uefi execution, then server boots up but then no HBA. with qlogic diag tool, all seems to be OK, SAN login, WWNs with LUNs are ok etc.

i have tried the upgrade of the fw 2.08 from UEFI shell, and checked the settings with uefiutilx64 but to no avail. IBM recommened the downgrade of the FW to 2.04, load defaults and then upgrade to 2.08. Probably because of the fault i found it did not work either… it was not possible to downgrade to fw 2.04.

as it turned out, on the uefi configuration utility of qlogic, there is no option to load defaults. when i have zeroed out the boot wwn and the lun, it still was frozen.

i suspected, that the error happens when someone rewrites an already present boot wwn to something else. i have tried to zero it out first, and found the solution to the problem.

when changing boot wwn and lun with the qlogic cards uefi utility (this is the one that can be accessed through the F1 menu uefi cards…) it will cause the card to get frozen when it had configured values with the legacy tool FASTUTIL!

the solution is, that first u have to zero out the old wwn value, and the lun. continue with booting process by exiting bios. it will stay frozen, do not worry, but u can give it a try. if frozen, then reboot. enter F1 again, go to uefi cards and enter the qlogic util again (the uefi config util). add in the new wwn at the edit database menu. save, quit, and exit bios. do not have any doubts, yes it will still freeze if u let it boot. whilst frozen, power down the blade. when powering on again, it will be ok, and u will be able to access the fastutil as well.

so in a nutshell:

if u have a qlogic card that get frozen, u have to do the following steps:

  1. press F1 to enter blade bios, select the qlogic card in the uefi capable devices list to enter the qlogic uefi config utility.
  2. in the utility, select edit database menu, and enter all zeroes to WWN (16 times) and all zeroes to LUN (4 times). save and quit.
  3. exit bios, and let it continue the boot process. it will still freeze
  4. when frozen, power off the blade. power on again, repeat steps 1-3 but with the new WWN entry. it will still get frozen with the new WWN when exited from bios, just power off.
  5. power on, and it shoud be fine.

So that was the misery with the qlogic card. since it is not possible to erease the boot wwns in the uefi config utility, (it can be done in FASTUTIL!) probably this is the only way left to do it.

conclusion: it seemed that i have a bricked an fchba card. once IBM has it replaced, because the usual downgrade, defaults it and upgrade did not work. with some luck i found a solution to it. hope it helped u out of trouble…


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