APC management card network setup

If u have to set up an APC UPS management card, and plan to use the provided software that should find the card via the mac address of it, u better do it with a hyperterminal program and the serial connection.

If u stick to the network method, make sure u have only one network adapter enabled, and that is directly attached to the management card. even this way – with pressing the reset – it might happen that u will have to play around for a half an hour to get it work, and even then it might not do the task.

better solution is to connect with the serial port to the UPS, load the defaults, and set up the tcp/ip from there. it always works first try. u will have to pay attention to the usb/serial converter cable APC gave with the stuff, as on win vista or win 7 there is no driver “built in” so u will have to download one. here is one tip When connecting, use Hyperterminal and 2400 bps… the default user/pass is apc/apc. if u wish there is a very good HT program out there, use that instead (on vista and win7 this is your choice)

with this method u can be up and running with the network settings pretty soon!

in a nutshell:

if u have problems setting the initial network properties of your APC UPS management card, do the following:

  1. forget the provided SW and connect to the UPS with a HT program
  2. if u have to then download the usb-serial driver and the terminal emulator program
  3. connect – press several times enter to get login, load defaults, and set TCP/IP.
  4. log out on the main menu, as hat will activate changes made…

hope it helped to save some time for u.


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